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GUGOBET Casino Shares Online Sports Betting Guide For 2022 World Cup!

2022 World Cup Online
2022 World Cup Online

If you are a fan of the FIFA World Cup, don't miss the introduction to sports betting that Lucky11 online casinos are going to share today. Even if you are new to online sports gambling, there is nothing to worry about.

Before the Soccer World Cup begins, you must first understand the basics of how to play football betting and what to look for in soccer gambling. Players will then be able to enjoy the huge profits that come with the Lucky11 sports site!

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Types Of Football Betting Markets:

Sports Betting Games - Handicap (FT. HDP)

A handicap is a sports game where two teams have different strengths, and the bookmaker will give the stronger team a handicap of, say, 0.5 points or more than 1 point, depending on the difference in strength between the two teams.

Let's use Portugal vs Ghana, a World Cup group game, as an example. The handicap for Portugal is 3 points, which means that Portugal must beat Ghana by more than 4 points for the player betting on Portugal to win the bet.

The other type of handicap is not available, as long as you bet on the actual final match win or lose, and the winning team happens to be the team you bet on, you win the bet.

Soccer Gambling Game - Over/Under (FT.O/U)

The size of an online soccer bet depends on the total number of points between the two teams. For example, if you bet on Argentina vs Brazil, the over/under handicap is 4. If you bet on the over, it means that the total number of points between the two teams at the end of the match must be at least 5.

World Cup totals are calculated based on the regular 90 minutes of play (including injury time), which is different from other types of matches.

Online Sports Betting - Odd/Even

Odd/even refers to whether the total score of the teams at the end of a World Cup soccer match is an odd or an even number. Assuming France vs Spain in the 2022 World Cup group stage and the total score adds up to 6 points, the player betting on the even number will receive a bet.

Casino Sports Gambling - Total Goal

Total goals are the sum of the goals scored by both teams throughout the game, divided into 0-1 goals, 2-3 goals, and 4+ goals, with different odds for different goals. This online soccer betting method is easy to understand and therefore very suitable for introductory sports betting players.

There is also the correct number of goals bet, which is a way to predict the exact number of goals from 0 to 5. The correct prediction of goals scored in a match will of course pay better than the total number of goals scored, which makes it harder to analyze soccer matches.

The FIFA 2022 World Cup is the most awaited sports tournament for fans all over the world. At that time, you can invite your friends and family to watch the World Cup live and also play soccer betting at Lucky11, India's best sports betting site. Refer a friend to Lucky11 and get a free bet bonus instantly!

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