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GUGOBET Casino| PG Soft Free Play: Rave Party Fever!

PG Soft Free Play
PG Soft Free Play

Rave Party Fever

While some nightclubs earn a reputation for their unique drinks, stylish design, or good environment, a club in Las Vegas called High Fever has garnered some attention for its rewards cards recently. The cards come in yellow, green, and red, and each color represents a different prize.

Customers can get reward cards by beating the waiters in little drinking games. Anyone who wins a yellow card will get a VIP seat, and whoever wins a green card will be awarded a limited-edition set of headphones and a turntable. Those who win a red card will receive a ticket to the concert performed by a world-famous DJ! If you have the reward cards in all three colors, in addition to all the prizes, you will also get another surprise present!

  1. Game Type: Video Slots, 3D Games.

  2. Session Volatility: Medium.

  3. RTP: 96.73%.

  4. Maximum Win: x5000.

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