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GUGOBET World Cup: Can Messi & Ronaldo Face Off At In 2022 FIFA?

2022 World Cup
2022 World Cup

The two biggest names in football, remain Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and the action in the 2022 World Cup, when it begins on November 20, promises to be hugely significant for both of them. The pair will be 37 and 35 years old respectively when they play in Qatar, which may well be their last chance to win the FIFA World Cup before retiring.

But what are the chances of the duo meeting on the field during Qatar 2022? Can Argentina of Group C take on Portugal of Group H at any point? Here, Lucky11 Online Casino has carried out a World Cup analysis of various possibilities for sports betting players.

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Can Ronaldo And Messi Meet At World Cup 2022?

Yes, it's possible. They were noway going to meet in the group stages, given that Argentina and Portugal were both placed as top seeds for the draw, but there's a chance of a knockout clash.

If Argentina And Portugal Both Win Their Groups!

In this case, the two brigades will be in separate halves of the type. So, for observers to have the spectacle of Messi. Ronaldo is on the biggest stage, both sides need to reach the final on December 18 in Lusail.

1. still, they would anticipate facing Denmark, If Argentina wins Group C. The Netherlands looks like the most likely opponent in the quarterfinals, with Spain's arch-rivals Brazil presumably awaiting in the semifinals.

2. Portugal coming out on top in Group H would surely see them face another European side, Serbia or Switzerland, in the Round of 16. Belgium is a potentially tough quarterfinal opponent before either France or England would probably battle Fernando Santos' men for a place in the final.

Projected Argentina route to final after winning Group C:

Round of 16: Denmark.

Quarterfinals: Netherlands.

Semifinals: Spain.

Projected Portugal route to final after winning Group H:

Round of 16: Switzerland.

Quarterfinals: Belgium.

Semifinals: France.

If Argentina Wins Group C And Portugal Finish 2nd In Group H!

If Portugal misses out on top of Group H, they will have to face Argentina in the semi-finals. Brazil will be Portugal's most likely opponent in the second round, before possibly facing Spain in the quarter-finals.

Projected Portugal route to final as Group H runner-up:

Round of 16: Brazil.

Quarterfinals: Spain.

Semifinals: Argentina.

If Portugal wins Group H And Argentina Finishes 2nd In Group C!

In this case, Argentina will have a tough task ahead if they fall behind in Group C but still qualify. It would be reigning champions France in Doha to get past first, for a place in the quarterfinals.

Rivals England will be the expected opponents in the last eight. After that, Portugal and Ronaldo will wait in Al Khor on December 14.

Projected Argentina route to final as Group H runner-up:

Round of 16: France.

Quarterfinals: England.

Semifinals: Portugal.

Have Messi And Ronaldo Ever Faced Each Other At The World Cup?

No. Argentina and Portugal have noway met at a World Cup, so the paths of the two biggest names in football have noway crossed on the biggest stage of all.

A clash was on the cards in 2018 in Russia the brigades were listed to meet in the quarterfinals, but both were beaten in the alternate round to help that from passing. Argentina went down 4- 3 to France, and Portugal was beaten 2- 1 by Uruguay.

Has Either Messi Or Ronaldo won The FIFA World Cup?

No. For both men, it is the only significant accolade missing from their distinguished trophy cabinets.

Messi and Ronaldo ever faced each other at the World Cup, so before they retire from football, many fans are looking forward to seeing the two superstars face off, hoping to witness this historic moment in the 2022 World Cup!

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