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GUGOBET World Cup 2022 Quarter-Finals Teams' Qualification & Schedule!

2022 World Cup Round Of 8
2022 World Cup Round Of 8

As we approach the business end of the 2022 World Cup schedule, the final eight teams will remain intact after the Round of 16. Lucky11 Casino has compiled a list of the FIFA World Cup quarterfinals and the latest World Cup 2022 fixtures for online soccer betting fans!

The national soccer teams that make it to the quarterfinals will feel they have a chance to reach the final on Sunday, December 18. All eight teams will then be just three wins away from lifting the World Cup trophy.

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World Cup Quarterfinals Fixtures!

The quarterfinals have already produced some interesting matchups: France versus England and the Netherlands versus Argentina are notable. The Moroccan surprise team is the Cinderella team of the tournament and they will challenge the strongest team Portugal in the quarterfinals.

The eight teams that survived the Round of 16 will compete in the quarterfinals from Friday, December 9 to Sunday, December 11.

2022 FIFA Quarterfinals Bracket!

The 2022 FIFA World Cup group stage chart shows two halves, each of which will produce a World Cup finalist who will compete for the trophy in the championship match on Sunday, December 18.

2022 World Cup Round Of 8!
  1. Netherlands (def. USA)

  2. Argentina (def. Australia)

  3. Croatia (def. Japan)

  4. Brazil (def. S. Korea)

  5. England (def. Senegal)

  6. France (def. Poland)

  7. Morocco (def. Spain)

  8. Portugal (def. Switzerland)

How Do The Quarterfinals Work?

The quarter-finals operate in the same way as the round of 16. four single-elimination.

They are made up of four single-elimination matches in which a winner needs to be determined on the day. Therefore, if the teams are tied after 90 minutes of regulation play, an extra time of 30 minutes is played.

If the teams are still tied at the end of the 30-minute extra time, the game will go to a penalty-kick shootout to determine the winner.

Penalty Shootout Rules!

Penalty shootout works as follows: Each team has five attempts to take a penalty kick against the opposing goalkeeper, and both teams decide which player will take the shot and in which order.

The team with the most successful penalty conversions after five rounds is considered the winner and advances, although the game will be officially registered as a draw based on each team's record.

If the teams are tied in a penalty shootout at the end of the fifth round, both teams are allowed to try one more round until the deadlock is finally broken.

A player cannot be designated to try a second penalty kick in the same penalty shootout until all 11 players on the field (including the goalkeeper) have attempted it at the end of the extra time.

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