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GUGOBET World Cup Group Rules: FIFA Extra Time & Penalties Explained!

2022 World Cup Group Rules
2022 World Cup Group Rules

The 2022 World Cup group stage is fast approaching, with the official start of the World Cup schedule on November 20, and football bettors will soon know the identities of the teams taking part in the round of 16. With so much at stake, it is not surprising to see such a keenly competitive tournament, but what happens when teams are level on points?

Lucky11 Casino has compiled information about the FIFA World Cup rules, World Cup Extra Time, and World Cup penalty kicks. Understand the World Cup group stage rules, so that you can enjoy the excitement of football betting games more when watching the World Cup live broadcast!

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2022 World Cup Group Stage Of 16!

With such a high position of competitiveness in the event it isn't surprising that some groups are particularly tight, with veritably little- and in some cases, nothing- separating the sides.

The final ranking of brigades in each group isn't only important in terms of securing qualification for the knockout stage, but also to finalize which brigades will face which, with a first-place or alternate-place finish potentially having a massive impact on the brigades who reach the last 16.

So what happens when brigades finish with the same points and things are different? Next, the Lucky11 sports site explains the tie-breakers in the game.

What Are The World Cup Group Stage Tie-Breakers Rules?

To begin with, the introductory principle of a World Cup group is that the two brigades with the most points after three games progress to the coming stage of the competition.

still, sometimes two or further brigades will finish on the same points census. In that script, the brigades are placed according to their thing difference, with a lesser thing difference being awarded.

Some groups feature brigades who are locked position on points and thing differences, so if they finish the group that way, the overall number of pretensions scored is taken into consideration- the more pretensions, the better.

So to summarise:

  1. The highest number of points

  2. Goal difference

  3. Goals scored

If teams are equal in terms of the aforementioned three criteria, further tie-breakers are used to determine the ranking order.

First of all, the head-to-head results between the brigades in question come into play. So, if Mexico and Sweden in Group F are tied on points, thing difference, and pretensions scored, the result between them is used, with the winner given priority.

After that, the thing difference in the group games between the brigades concerned is used, also the number of pretensions scored by the brigades in those games. However, after all that, the brigades can not be separated.

For fair play, the platoon with the topmost number of fair play points is ranked higher. Only one of the following deductions is applied to a single player in a game an unheroic card brings about a deduction of 1, a circular red( second unheroic) costs 3, direct red costs 4, and an unheroic card plus a direct red card is a deduction of-5.

Remarkably, if none of those expansive criteria- involving several variables- can not separate the brigades, also FIFA simply draws lots to decide who finishes where.

Again, to summarise all of those points:

  1. The highest number of points

  2. Goal difference

  3. Goals scored

  4. Points obtained in group games between teams concerned

  5. Goal difference from games involving teams concerned

  6. Number of goals scored in games between teams concerned

  7. Fair play points

  8. Drawing of lots by FIFA

What Are The FIFA Knockout Stage Rules?

World Cup Extra Time

Once the brigades reach the knockout stage of the World Cup there's veritably little room to maneuver and, it's enough tone- explicatory one platoon must be knocked out in each tie.

As similar, if a game is a position after 90 twinkles of normal time, it also goes into redundant time, which adds a farther 30 twinkles to the game, divided into two 15- nanosecond ages. Still, the teams are level after extra time, then a penalty shoot-out is required to determine the winner.

World Cup Penalties

Each platoon gets to take five penalties, with different players stepping up for each attempt. The platoon with the most pretension wins and the penalty series is declared over as soon as one platoon has an invincible lead.

Still, no winner has been decided after five spot kicks, the series goes to a sudden-death system, where each miss could be decisive if the opponent does find the net in the same round.

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