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Lucky11 Online Casino Game Rebates

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All Lucky11 Members
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In LUCKY11 online casino live game, bet on sports games, and make rebates every day.
Sports game rebate raquirements!
Lucky 11 Casino
Live game rebate raquirements!
Lucky 11 Casino
Terms and conditions:

1. This rebate offer applies to all LUCKY11 deposit players.

2. Only one account is allowed per player, if the member is found to have abused any promotions, opened multiple or fraudulent accounts, and violated the gaming policy, the account will be locked and the deposit will be forfeited without prior notice.

3. Draws, withdrawals, voids, bets on opposite sides, and bets on non-participating products will not be counted as valid turnover

4. The rebate promotion is carried out every day and restarts every day, and the rebate will be returned to the account at 9:30 am every day.

5. LUCKY11 online casino reserves the right to withdraw any member's bonus at any time in its sole discretion

6. LUCKY11 online casino has the right to monitor and decide whether members have abnormal betting situations. If LUCKY11 online casino finds any form of cheating, fraud, or arbitrage, LUCKY11 online casino has the right to terminate the member's account and confiscate the balance without prior notice and objection.

7. Promotion terms and conditions of LUCKY11 online casino apply.

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