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Referring A Friend

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All Lucky11 Members
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Invite your friends to join LUCKY11 online casino

All LUCKY11 members who have a total deposit of over ₹2,000 and place in any valid bet can refer friends to register.

Once your friend makes a deposit over ₹500 and places the valid bet can get ₹200 as a reward.

Lucky 11 Casino
Turnover Condition:
Lucky 11 Casino
Terms and Conditions:

1. With this ₹200 deposit, the customer should play 1x turnover at least to let the system apply a bonus.

2. Bonus will be added to your LUCKY11 online casino account the next day at 2:00 IST.

3. All registered members must provide their mobile number and bank account details before applying. All registered members’ phone numbers, IP addresses, and bank account details must match their regions. Any violation will invalidate his bonus or profit.

4. Players found and confirmed to have fraudulent accounts will not be awarded the bonus.

5. Only one account and one offer per player are allowed. Players will be immediately banned, and have their accounts locked and funds forfeited if they open multiple accounts and/or display any behavior that is deemed as bonus abuse.

6. Players opening multiple or fraudulent accounts will be disqualified from the promotion. The remaining amount could be forfeited and the account shall be frozen.

7.LUCKY11 online casino has the right to monitor and decide whether members have unusual betting circumstances, if found in any form of wrongdoing, such as collusion between two side bets apply to more than 1 account, etc, LUCKY11 online casino has the rights to suspend member accounts and confiscate the remaining amount without prior notice.

8. All members who applied for this promotion are considered to agree with LUCKY11 online casino’s terms and conditions. General LUCKY11 online casino Terms & Condition applies for this promo.

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